CALVIN AND NITA, STILLWATER, OK: When my husband was diagnosed with kidney cancer last year, we proceeded with radiation and chemotherapy treatments. The treatments left him with a terrible rash all over his body. We tried several soaps and over the counter topical creams to relieve the discomfort and dryness, but to no avail. We couldn't clear up the rash. We then tried Lazy i Farms soap and were absolutely amazed at how well it worked. The rash disappeared completely and his skin was unbelievably soft. We now just use the product because we love the way it conditions the skin. I would definitely recommend using Lazy i Farms soaps for any skin conditions, or just for great soft skin.

Alice, Oklahoma: The incredible, handmade soaps from Lazy i Farms are a wonderful alternative to commercial soaps! They are gentle and less drying than any soap we have tried. My husband developed a severe skin allergy subsequent to chemotherapy. We tried every soap and lotion recommended by his physicians; the severe itching persisted. Finally, we ordered several bars of soap from Lazy i Farms. The absence of harsh chemicals, gentle pH, and natural ingredients have alleviated the majority of my husband's allergic symptoms. We have tried several of their varieties as well as one of their lotions. They are all wonderful products. We are blessed to have found Lazy i Farms!

Carla-Moore, Ok I wanted to thank you so much for sending me the buttermilk soap under the cancer program. My skin is so much healthier now. In fact, my husband saw what it did for me and he used it for his dandruff and it's gone! We are so pleased with your products that we ordered more. Thank you SO much for your amazing soap.

Carla-Moore, OK Thank you so much for your wonderful products. Your cancer program provides a much needed gift for those of us in treatment. Your buttermilk soap is incredibly soothing to my skin. It relieves the itching and discomfort from the chemo. Your program is a God-send and it's appreciated more than you know. Every time I see the package in the mail it brings a smile to my heart because I know prayers come with it. I have ordered the goat milk lotion and it is amazing. You have a customer for life. There isn't a better product for skin care out there. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.