When a truly remarkable story comes along you cannot help wanting to share it with as many people as possible. We hope you will find encouragement from the story you are about to read.


I would like for you to meet Jonnie who lives in Colfax, Louisiana and has suffered with Psoriasis on both her hands and feet. Jonnie has lived this nightmare for the past seven years. She works in the medical field and her job was to draw blood, take blood pressure and deal with patients. I say “was” because until recently she was forced to give up the work she was trained to do and was moved to the receptionist desk. This change in her career was forced upon her because of her battle with psoriasis. Her hands would crack and bleed. Wearing surgical gloves only made the condition worse. Jonnie says the condition was very painful. Her patients would even shy away when they saw the condition of her hands because they thought it was contagious. We asked Jonnnie, on a scale of 1 to 10, how would she rate her condition and pain. Her answer was an 8. Jonnie told us she even considered having her right thumb amputated to bring relief from the pain. The psoriasis was so bad there were times when she couldn’t even walk.

Jonnie told us that she had tried every thing from over-the-counter creams to the most expensive of prescription medications. She would try anything that was recommended to her and has spent hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars searching for anything that would bring an end to her suffering.

Jonnie shared with us that she had almost instant relief from the dryness and that our lotion made her skin very soft. She even brings our goat milk soap to her office so that she never has to use commercially manufactured soaps.

When asked if she would recommend our goat milk soaps and lotions to other people her answer was she was already doing so – to anyone who would listen. Jonnie says that the doctor she works for is even recommending our products to his patients.

Jonnie told us that her every day activities are now easy and pain free. She is back to doing the job she was trained to do and is once again enjoying life!

If you would like to e-mail Jonnie and ask her any more questions about her struggles with psoriasis, she has given us permission to give out her e-mail address. Please e-mail us at to request Jonnie’s e-mail address.

Thank you, Jonnie, for being willing to share your story with our customers. We know your story will be an inspiration to all who read it.

**While there is no cure for skin conditions such as psoriases or eczema you can experience relief from these conditions by using goat milk soaps and lotions made here at Lazy i Farms.**